The stress-free guide to getting pregnant.

A few helpful tips

The temperature method

The more familiar you are with your menstrual cycle, the more accurately you will be able to determine your most fertile days. With the temperature method, the results are accurate almost down to the hour. Simply measure your temperature at the same time every morning on waking up. A significant increase in your temperature is a sign that you are ovulating and that now is a good time to conceive. If you continue to monitor your temperature over the course of a few cycles, you will be able to predict the time of your next ovulation almost exactly. The best time to conceive is in the few hours following ovulation. And if the temperature increase lasts for more than eighteen days in the following month, congratulations are in order - you are probably pregnant.

The Fertility calendar is also an easy way of calculating your most fertile days.*

* Important: The fertility calendar is based on straightforward averaging. We strongly advise against using the calendar as a means of contraception.

Did you know ...

... that a healthy diet increases the fertility?

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The temperature method ...

... facilitate family planning in a natural way.

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