The stress-free guide to getting pregnant.

A few helpful tips

Healthy diet

Low-fat, highly nutritious food is always good for the body, but is particularly important for supporting our reproductive functions. Most of the things our body needs are found in a balanced diet, such as vitamins and minerals in fresh fruit, salad and vegetables or calcium in yogurt, rice and orange juice. Iron is also essential for the oxygen supply in our blood (red meat, pulses, wholemeal bread), as well as iodine for the thyroid function (fish or kiwis).

A healthy diet also helps increase the quality of sperm. Your partner can do his bit by making sure he is getting lots of vitamin C, E and B12. This probably won't even involve any major lifestyle changes, as all three vitamins can be found in a wide range of foods.

You should give up or cut down on alcohol and nicotine and talk to your doctor about your plans to try for a baby before taking medication. Caffeine has also been proven to have a negative effect on fertility. But you can still have enough to kick-start your day in the morning - up to two cups of coffee or black tea each day is fine.

Did you know ...

... that a healthy diet increases the fertility?

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The temperature method ...

... facilitate family planning in a natural way.

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