The start of a new era.

Enjoy every moment

Week 1

Your pregnancy begins with the first day of your period – at a time when you're not yet pregnant. This date merely forms the basis for all other calculations. If you are planning to try for a baby, you should rethink your habits and your diet as early as possible and give up smoking.

Week 2

And we're off! When your partner's sperm meets your ovum shortly after ovulation, with a bit of luck they combine to form your baby’s first cell. The miracle of life can take its course.

Week 3

The fertilised ovum travels through the fallopian tubes to the womb. Over the course of the journey, it divides until it is made up of several hundred cells. On reaching its destination, the ovum embeds itself in the mucous membrane of the womb. By this time, not only has it already been decided whether your baby will be a girl or a boy, but also if it will have your or daddy's eyes.

Week 4

Deep in the womb, the ovum develops into both your baby and the placenta. Your body reacts with a flood of hormones to make you fit for the coming months. Some women notice this change immediately and suffer from sickness, a rollercoaster of emotions, tender breasts or mild cramps in the lower abdomen. Other women don't even realise they are pregnant.

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