At NUK, we are proud of the trust that has been placed in us by mothers and fathers in over 100 countries for over 50 years. Working together with experts from medicine and science to promote the healthy development of babies worldwide, the company, as you would expect, keeps up with innovations and changes within the industry.

Public debate about a possible risk to health from BPA in baby bottles led to uncertainty and fears in parents, so the European Commission reacted by taking a precautionary consumer protection measure. Effective June 1st, 2011, the sale of baby bottles containing BPA will be prohibited in the countries of the European Union. That means that baby bottles containing BPA may no longer be sold in store from that date on. The manufacture of baby bottles containing BPA was banned by the European Commission effective March 1st, 2011.

Understanding these worries, and along with our aim of always giving parents a feeling of safety and the best for their baby, we had already switched the production of NUK baby bottles to BPA-free materials long before this ban. So we can guarantee that we make absolutely no use of materials containing BPA in the manufacture of baby bottles at our production sites.

As market leader in Germany, with award-winning, high-quality products, NUK has many years of experience producing baby bottles in alternative materials such as glass or polypropylene (PP). To help you easily identify NUK’s BPA-free baby bottles, we have marked them with the sign “BPA-free”.

To give another level of reassurance, independent institutes also carry out repeated safety checks on all NUK products as a matter of course. In January 2011, both of the NUK baby bottles tested by the well-known German consumer magazine, “Ökotest”, namely, the NUK PREMIUM CHOICE baby bottle with the Disney motif, as well as the NUK Classic baby bottle, received a “very good” quality seal.

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