How to recognise original NUK quality.

For your safety.


The NUK ANTI-COLIC AIR SYSTEM reduces harmful swallowing of air by babies during sucking and drinking. All NUK drinking teats are equipped with this system.

The logo "BPA free" can be found on all BPA-free NUK products. BPA is a raw material in the manufacture of polycarbonate (PC). We guarantee that we make absolutely no use of materials containing BPA in the manufacture of baby bottles and soothers at our production sites.

The orthodontic NUK teat shape simulates the mother's breast when breastfeeding and therefore provides greater benefit for the healthy overall development of your child.

Continuous contour webs are incorporated in the silicone material of NUK Genius soothers; this strengthens the sucking part and therefore provides additional safety.

The innovative Softflex technology enables the special softness and flexibility of NUK Genius soothers. The secret lies in integrated soft channels along the sucked part, which reduce pressure on teeth and jaw to a minimum.