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about NUK products

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  • Do NUK latex teats really have no harmful effect on health?
  • What are the differences between latex and silicone teats?
  • Can NUK latex teats trigger allergies?
  • Where can I buy NUK teats in size 3?
  • The NUK valve teats have become sticky, why is this?
  • Are there only PREMIUM CHOICE bottles and teats from NUK?
  • Why can't I find any bottles without teats?
  • Are NUK bottles suitable for the dishwasher?
  • How should my child drink from the NUK Replacement Spout?
  • Can I give my baby a bottle and at the same time continue breastfeeding?
  • How can colic be avoided when bottle-feeding?
  • Can soothers counteract Sudden Infant Death?

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