NUK MedicPro Cleft Lip Teat

  • For use following the insertion of a palate plate
  • Promotes natural sucking, chewing and feeding habits
  • Fits all standard commercially available baby bottles

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by the medical clinics

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Sucking aid for children with open cleft lip and jaw

  • Size 1 (0-6 months)
  • Medium-fine perforation
  • Teat baglet covers outer cleft area

For newborns with a cleft palate, there are almost always problems when it comes to feeding: They are unable to exert the downward pressure which is required in the mouth for sucking. This makes both breastfeeding and bottle feeding using standard teats extremely difficult or not at all possible.

The NUK MedicPro Cleft Lip Teat has been developed as a sucking aid for unilateral (one-sided) clefts with inserted palate plates (drinking plate), as well as in exceptional cases for bilateral (two-sided) clefts with inserted palate plate.

The classic orthodontic NUK teat combines both form and function. The outer cleft area is covered, closing off the oral cavity so that in the oral cavity a downward pressure can be created.

Use of the teat endorsed by the medical clinics: The cleft lip teat promotes the sucking, chewing and feeding habits of the child and facilitates an almost natural drinking action. Common problems such as choking, burping or even vomiting occur far less often. There is also no adverse effect on any pre-operative, orthodontic measures being taken.

And, of course, the special teat fits all standard commercially available baby bottles. However, it is not suitable for use with the NUK FIRST CHOICE bottle range.