NUK MedicPro Teat Trainer

  • Medical product for the treatment of problems with mouth motor activity
  • Suitable for myotherapeutic treatment according to the PADOVAN method
  • Available for children and adults (in sizes S and L)

Teat for training and treatment

- Naturally orthodontic

  • bpafree


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Especially for treatment

  • Particularly long teat neck to accommodate anatomical requirements
  • Extra large baglet for optimal fit in mouth
  • Larger anatomical mouth shield especially for schoolchildren and adults

In contrast to the more traditional soothers, the NUK MedicPro Teat Trainer is a medical product. As a tool for treatment, it helps both children and adults to normalise motor abnormalities of the mouth – e.g. in breathing through the mouth, problems with sucking, chewing, swallowing, talking and gestures.

The teat trainer can be used, for example, in logopaedic, orthodontic and physiotherapeutic practice, implementing the myotherapeutic treatment according to PADOVAN.

Top priority is given to the treatment of incorrect swallowing, which is often accompanied by a disrupted pattern of movement of the tongue, or the normalisation of the complicated suck-swallow action.

Furthermore, the use of the teat trainer can have a positive effect on tonus regulation or the harmonisation of the inner and outer mouth muscles. Even persistent habits such as the grinding of teeth and tongue thrusting, together with pain and cracking in the jaw joints, can be effectively treated.

Just as beneficial is the logopaedic use of the NUK MedicPro Teat Trainer – during breathing, voice and speech therapy. The sensomotor activation and training of a physiological suck-swallow action are priorities here.

Note: The NUK teat trainer should only be used under the supervision of a medical/pedagogical expert. We strongly advise against any self-prescribed treatment.