Inspired by nature:

the original NUK teat shape.

The mouth plays a key role in the healthy overall development of your child. Breathing, eating, sensory perception – all these things require perfect coordination between the jaw, tongue and lips. Breastfeeding is the perfect training for this from birth onwards. At its mother’s breast, a baby learns to coordinate the movements, to strengthen its muscles and to prepare its mouth for the tasks to come - teething, chewing and, last but not least, speaking.

The model
The altered form of the nipple during feeding

The NUK shape
Natural drinking mechanism just like breastfeeding

The perfect training
Optimal coordination of the jaw, palate, tongue and lips

The orthodontic NUK teat was developed based on this knowledge. Even if you are not supposed to breastfeed (any more), the teat supports your baby as naturally as possible.

The medical basis behind this product was developed by the dental practitioners Prof. Dr. Dr. Balters and Dr. med. dent. Müller. They noticed first of all that the mother's nipple changes shape when the baby feeds and only then is optimal coordination in the mouth achieved. And this special asymmetrical shape is used as the model for all NUK teats to this very day.

NUK has researched the shape right down to the smallest detail over many decades, developed it further and constantly adapted it in light of the latest medical findings. No other teat comes as close to mimicking the breastfeeding process and supports healthy mouth development so naturally as the original from NUK.

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