The perfect training

for all mouth functions

Babies feel a natural urge to suck. This urge is satisfied naturally during breastfeeding. But there’s no reason you can’t help satisfy this urge between meal times too with a NUK dummy. Its shape is based on a mother’s nipple during breastfeeding and adapts ergonomically to the baby’s jaw. It is soft and flexible with enough room for the tongue and places no unnecessary pressure on the jaw and teeth.

This means that NUK dummies not only soothe your baby, but also promote healthy mouth development. While your baby sucks, it is training its muscles and perfecting the coordination between the jaw, palate, tongue and lips. This helps support breathing, eating and speech development and effectively prevents misalignment of the teeth.

NUK Size Concept

The right size for each age group:

We recommend that you should please bear in mind your child’s individual stage of development when buying


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