NUK Vapo Matic Steriliser

Steam Steriliser

  • Heat disinfection and feed preparation unit in one

Because feeding and hygiene

go hand-in-hand

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The multi-tasking talent in the kitchen

In the space of just one day, babies and small children require several hot meals. And each time, the bottle and teat not only need to be clean but also disinfected.

For parents looking to prepare fresh food instead of something ready-made, the NUK Steriliser is a big help:

  • The machine disinfects up to 6 bottles plus accessories in approximately 15 minutes. It is perfect for the quick steaming of vegetables, meat and fish for your baby's daily meals.
  • None of the important vitamins and trace elements are lost during the cooking process.
  • And with its low water requirement, the NUK Vapo Matic Steriliser is also an environmentally friendly and energy-saving device.
  • As a safety precaution, the unit switches off automatically after both the steaming and disinfecting.