NUK Eco Control+

Babyphone with DECT technology

  • 100% interference-free and low radiation
  • Adjustable coverage
  • Integrated temperature sensor

So that you

can rest assured

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Ensuring your child is both safe and well

Parents can only really relax and enjoy their evening off when they can rely on their baby-sitter or babyphone.

The NUK ECO Control+ Babyphone thus features the latest DECT technology

  • for 100% interference-free signals and the most reliable of transmission
  • with adjustable coverage of up to 300m
  • with low radiation emissions, reduced emission strength and low power consumption in eco-mode
  • with two stations that work in perfect co-ordination:

1. Receiver parent unit

  • with crystal-clear, tap-proof talk-back function – for constant direct contact, even from a distance
  • with LCD display
  • with optical noise level and battery indicator (LED)
  • with out-of-range alert
  • including recharger and two rechargeable batteries

2. Sender baby unit

  • with adjustable sound levels
  • with temperature sensor for monitoring the temperature in your child's bedroom (the parent unit is immediately informed of any major temperature fluctuations)
  • with night light and 5 programmed lullabies (can be controlled from parent unit)
  • with battery indicator (LED)
  • with power adapter or alkaline batteries
Download EU declaration of conformity (2010) Download EU declaration of conformity (2011)